In defense of “Git Gud”


I have played and beaten every souls game. The community around these games has been contentious with the way it treats new players trying to get into the games. For example let’s say a new player go’s on to a forum asking for help and they are greeted by some random poster replying with two words “Git Gud”. The new player will then just get mad and might just shelf the game forever, but they aren’t seeing this as the advice that I see it as. They see it as trolling, when they should be seeing it as they don’t need any advice to get past this section they just need to play more so they can improve their skills rather than their game knowledge. That doesn’t mean that “Git Gud” isn’t faulty advice though. “Git Gud” being a bastardization of get good makes it condescending to the recipient of the comment. Really what should be said to these new players is that they don’t need to level up or to use a different weapon they just need to improve their skills. Whether the commenter intended it as poorly worded advice or a mean spirited remark the message of the phrase still usually rings through, sometimes you just need to get good.