Thoughts on anime season summer 2017… Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

I am not sure what to think about this show. When I was watching the first episode I was just blown away by how this show just doesn’t follow the conventional rules of making anime. A reason for it being strange might be because it isn’t a Japanese anime and is actually a Chinese cartoon, with a Japanese dub. Weird. Anyways, the episode starts off with a monologue about love. At the end of the episode you have the MC, with a weird hairstyle that wraps around his neck, literally flying around and fighting a random youkai using his monk powers after being on a “The Dating Game”-esk show and stealing a cute fox girl’s candy. The entire time random new characters showing up for seemingly no reason, and background characters giving hamfisted exposition. The way the show just doesn’t care about how you’re supposed to make an anime and does whatever it wants to intrigues me, so I will be continuing this show.

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