In defense of “Git Gud”


I have played and beaten every souls game. The community around these games has been contentious with the way it treats new players trying to get into the games. For example let’s say a new player go’s on to a forum asking for help and they are greeted by some random poster replying with two words “Git Gud”. The new player will then just get mad and might just shelf the game forever, but they aren’t seeing this as the advice that I see it as. They see it as trolling, when they should be seeing it as they don’t need any advice to get past this section they just need to play more so they can improve their skills rather than their game knowledge. That doesn’t mean that “Git Gud” isn’t faulty advice though. “Git Gud” being a bastardization of get good makes it condescending to the recipient of the comment. Really what should be said to these new players is that they don’t need to level up or to use a different weapon they just need to improve their skills. Whether the commenter intended it as poorly worded advice or a mean spirited remark the message of the phrase still usually rings through, sometimes you just need to get good.

Thoughts on anime season summer 2017… Fastest Finger First

zettai ryoiki

Oh. I know this one. It’s Absolute Territory!

zettai ryoiki

Fuck yeah!

Fastest Finger First is a show that I will probably end up finishing this season. The show is a sports anime about quiz shows. It goes in depth behind the strategy of answering questions very quickly, which for someone that would watch shows like jeopardy as a kid I find it really interesting. Just like the quiz shows on american tv it invites the audience to play along and answer the questions with the characters, even if most of the questions are really hard… I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or not, but the most of the questions in this show are really hard and I don’t think you would be able to find many people on the street that know about the “Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat”, though apparently you would know that if you read enough books like the main character Koshiyama.

Koshiyama is a bookworm which helps him a lot with knowledge for the quiz shows, which is his strong ability as the main character of a sports anime. He just needs to improve his reflexes and such which is probably what the training for him is going to be in the show so he can beat his rival in the finale. He gets suckered into joining the quiz bowl club by the main girl of the series, Fukami. Fukami is the character that was already into quiz bowl before the start of the show, which makes her better than Koshiyama for now. She will probably help train Koshiyama to get better so he can beat his rival. Also I really like that her voice is deeper than most girls in anime, it’s a nice break from the average squeely voice anime girls have.

As a fan of sports anime this is doing good stuff so far. I hope this show doesn’t slowly turn into shit to the point that I can’t stand anymore *cough*Keijo*cough*. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you have any constructive criticism please leave it in the comments. I am trying to learn so I can get better. Peace.

Thoughts on anime season summer 2017… Aho Girl

Aho Girl is like a bag of chips. It doesn’t take that long to get through it, it’s enjoyable while your watching it, but it has no lasting value and you probably won’t feel very satisfied after watching each episode. The show is good for a few quick laughs and it’s only 12 minutes so it doesn’t take up too much time. The humor of the show relies on lewd jokes and making fun of it’s characters, which definitely works for me. I will probably end up finishing this show.

Goop Dood begins

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Thoughts on anime season summer 2017… Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

I am not sure what to think about this show. When I was watching the first episode I was just blown away by how this show just doesn’t follow the conventional rules of making anime. A reason for it being strange might be because it isn’t a Japanese anime and is actually a Chinese cartoon, with a Japanese dub. Weird. Anyways, the episode starts off with a monologue about love. At the end of the episode you have the MC, with a weird hairstyle that wraps around his neck, literally flying around and fighting a random youkai using his monk powers after being on a “The Dating Game”-esk show and stealing a cute fox girl’s candy. The entire time random new characters showing up for seemingly no reason, and background characters giving hamfisted exposition. The way the show just doesn’t care about how you’re supposed to make an anime and does whatever it wants to intrigues me, so I will be continuing this show.